Our answers to the mould makers' needs.

Our solutions:

  • warp analysis with choice of shrinkage factors differentiated for the mould

  • rheological simulation (mouldflow) with guaranteed results

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing): definition of the key choices for the mould as a function of the critical issues and needs of product and process

  • design of the mould in function of the DFM

What they need:

  • technical choices in terms of aesthetic, functional and structural needs of the product

  • technical choices that ensure the dimensional stability and reliability of the process

  • technical choices that optimize the cost of the mould as a function of production volumes

  • reduction of the time and costs of finalizing between FOT and SOP


Give the customer a product able to meet their production needs with an appropriate investment.

This is the target of the mould maker.

Pursue it efficaciously means using a CAE analysis for rheological testing [simulations cae] conducted by a team with the necessary expertise to identify in advance the critical issues of the process.

"Design for Manufacturing" is the fundamental approach which simplifies production decisions aimed at creating a mould reliable and productive: injection points, coolings, inserts reported, shrinkage factors to manage deformation.

Our support also concern the design of the mould as a function of production volumes, with the aim to optimize the customer's investment and its payback.

Anticipate the choices and manage in advance the critical issues: the only way you can reduce production time and avoid high costs between FOT and SOP.

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