Natural born innovators

Idea Company has its roots in a group of professionals with complementary skills. They are brought together by a passion for innovation and they are highly credible thanks to the results achieved working together for over twenty years, contributing to the success of many prestigious clients. They joined a group of young people skilled and creative, passionate about new technologies and hungry for innovation.

The evolution of market and customers' needs has led our new business model, which can create highly competitive and innovative solutions in two main areas: Idea Engineering and Idea Storm.

Idea Engineering is creative engineering at the service of our customer, to develop new products and improve existing products and processes: metal replacement, cost reduction, function integration, new concept, are just some of the services that contribute to the success of our projects. All services are provided with an approach that aims to the graduality of the investment (stage&gate) and to assume responsibility for the final result.

Idea Storm is specialized in eco-design of innovative ideas collected through its network and the web, evaluated through a business plan and brought to market in a highly competitive way thanks to a streamlined and efficient organizational structure.

For each project, we create a team tailored by combining our skills to those of a qualified network of specialists.

The TECHNO-ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS that emerges is able to revitalize companies hungry for new ideas and represents a renewed way of interpreting the global market, combining it with our roots and with the territory.


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