Our answers to the producers' needs.

Our solutions:

  • advice on the choice of materials and innovative technologies

  • support product innovation

  • co-design and rapid prototyping

  • problem solving of critical products

  • material replacement, weight reduction, optimization of product, reverse engineering

  • CAE analysis and design of products and moulds

  • project management "turn key"

  • worldwide suorcing of tools and production

What they need:

  • innovation and product differentiation

  • access to innovative materials and technologies

  • product optimization (cost reduction, quality improvement, reduction of time to market)

  • optimization and reduction of investments (calculation of payback on investment in advance)

  • certain management responsibilities

  • improvement of products, components and processes that already exist

  • support of a specialist plastics


Innovation helps companies to be competitive in the market and generate markup.

Innovators by definition, we support all businesses who want to win this challenge, guiding them, if necessary, from the idea of the concept (co-design) to the finished product.

The goal is to provide new solutions with a report tailored to the needs of the client, guiding him in the most important choices regarding their main competitive advantage: his products.

With our support will be easy to assess and validate in advance constructive and technological alternatives, optimizing product competitiveness and payback of investments. This is possible thanks to the expert use of design software and CAE analysis, structural and rheological, and methodology "design for manufacturing".

A valid approach not only for new products, but also in the improvement of existing products. Preliminary analysis identify both corrective actions and related costs / benefits: saving weight, improving structural or aesthetic performance, elimination of any stages of the production process (assembly of subsets, painting, etc.). Do not forget the advantage of a single partner in the design and construction of tools: the twenty-year of experience of our team allows us to manage projects "turnkey", taking care of the project management and involving the best and most suitable partner.

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