Our answers to the injection moulders' needs.

Our solutions:

  • virtual validation of product and process

  • warp analysis with choice of shrinkage factors differentiated for the mould

  • rheological simulation (mouldflow) with guaranteed results

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing): definition of the key choices for the mould as a function of the problems and needs of product and process

  • improvement of existing criticality: problem analysis, identification of the causes and determination of a series of solutions with related costs and benefits

  • weight reduction analysis with guaranteed results

What they need:

  • “solid” process (stable conditions, wide injection window, no downtime, no scrap)

  • sop fast and efficient (good samples from the first trial, no unforseen modification, definite times and costs)

  • productive efficiency (fast cycles, rapid color change, rapid changes version)

  • product competitiveness (best weight / performance ratio, choices of materials and technologies to optimize aesthetics, structure and functionality)

  • investment optimization (competitive moulds and tools, fast payback)

  • improvement of existing products and processes


Unique and tailored solutions to optimize in advance product and process.

Do this in the engineering phase means preventing problems related to deformation, dimensional stability, aesthetical aspect, functional and structural minimizing time and cost of SOP phase and perfecting the process with fast cycles and wide injection window. A process as set avoids productive unforseen as downtime and scrap.

Results are obtained thanks to the great experience of our engineers in the use of simulation software of product (structural analysis) and process (mouldflow) that allow for virtual validation of the production process in advance, simplifying key choices of moulds and tools and reducing crossing times of the order (Design for Manufacturing).

Our support to injection moulders materialize in the case of criticalit components already in production: we identify not only the solutions, but also the benefits and investments related to them, with the possibility to determine with certainty the payback.

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